Let us take care of your IT needs so you can focus on making difference in our community

Whether a company is “for profit” or not, the goal to a certain extent is the same: solve an issue and create value. For nonprofit organizations, it can be tough to provide value through programs or something that is specially related to the community and making it better. However, to make a difference, there needs to be certain systems and applications in place to help keep the company organized. One way to do this is to have your IT needs sorted.

When you partner with Onyx Cloud, we will help you plan and understand what systems are needed to succeed and make a difference in a memorable way. Here are five benefits to having a managed service provider (MSP):

  1. Protect and secure your most important data
  2. Increase your organizations mobility by having access to your most valued data from anywhere and anytime in the world
  3. We provide proactive IT maintenance that detects and solves your IT problems before they arise
  4. When you protect your business from interruptions and outages due to network complications, you are saving money, improving efficiency and increase productivity.
  5. Keep up with your security compliance and bylaw by helping organization meet legal obligations and get documentation that can help avoid penalties

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