A trusted partner can help with critical functions that support care delivery and help you save money

With the advancement of technology, businesses in the healthcare industry can now keep up and deliver better patient care while maintaining security. This has been one of the main motivators for healthcare organizations to partner up with managed service providers (MSP).

If you do not have an MSP but, have been contemplating it, here are five reasons why you should partner with Onyx Cloud:

  1. In case of a security breach, you will get a 24/7 guarantee response time.
  2. We will create a business continuity plan. If there was ever a major outage or natural disaster, we will help create and implement a recovery plan that will recover all of your critical assets.
  3. In Canada, you need to comply with PIPEDA (Personal Information Protection an Electronics Documents Act). If you fail to meet these regulations, it may result in serious penalties, huge fines, and loss of contracts and licenses. Onyx Cloud will offer identity-based security and encryption as well as user authorized access control, data accountability and integrity.
  4. When your systems are always running and have minimal downtime, you can take on more patients and increase the overall productivity of your team.
  5. When you partner with us, we will introduce a 100% cloud-based solution (if you do not have one), which in turn will help you grow efficiently and proactively.

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