Improve efficiency and productivity by letting a team of IT experts look after your technology

As technology is getting more advanced, so is competition, forcing manufacturers to change their business models. When your supply chain, consumer safety, employee safety, regulatory compliance, products, and manufacturing processes do not align, then it is crucial to have a centralized system that is safe and secure.

When you partner with Onyx Cloud, our top priority is to ensure that your day-to-day operations are running smoothly and safely.

  1. We ensure that your IT operations run optimally, predictably, while keeping your critical data safe and secure.
  2. We provide proactive IT maintenance that detects and solves your IT problems even before they arise, ensuring that your business always runs smoothly.
  3. We can help implement manufacturing process protection

Why do you need an IT MSP provider

1. Security

If a data breach were to happen, it can be costly to recover your data (and even then, you may not be able to do so fully). Onyx Cloud will help you install new security systems to ensure that you are protected with the newest and latest security software. If there is a security breach, your business would be prepared because we would insolate your system and device and prevent the breach from spreading.

2. Improve productivity and efficiency

Productivity is integral to manufacturers. Downtime can affect your team’s productivity and cause a loss of revenue because of it. When you protect your business from interruptions and outages due to network complications, you are saving money and increasing efficiency. Onyx Cloud will help all departments to collaborate and connect with one another proactively and in a timely manner as well installing a regular data backup process.

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3.Recognize your most important IT assets

When you partner with Onyx Cloud, our main goal is to help you focus on maintaining production and streamlining your business operations. We will help you identify your IT assets and ensure that all your systems are working properly.

4.Keep up with security compliance

Every business no matter the industry should follow security compliance requirements. This is important because it can help your business meet legal obligations. You will also get documentation that will help you avoid fines and penalties.

Choosing Onyx Cloud as your MSP means that your data will be adequately protected from hackers and create a unique IT solution just for you. This ensures that employee productivity is boosted.

Have you been facing the following setbacks with your IT?

  • Operational flexibility
  • Out of date technology, systems and or applications
  • Constant production down time
  • Security breach