About Us

Safeguarding growing businesses everyday


We are Onyx Cloud IT, a close-knit team of professionals that are passionate about helping businesses with their IT needs. We tackle everyday IT related challenges by integrating cutting edge technology into every day operations.

We only work with growing businesses because we are also an evolving business that understands their needs, the frustrations they face on a day to day basis and how to solve their concerns and prepare them for any potential online threat or unforeseen circumstances.

Our products and services are used across a variety of industries such as finance, not for profit, manufacturing, healthcare and more. We provide the tools and support to improve efficiency and increase employee productivity.


Our extensive accumulative experience and customer centric approached has allowed us to retain every single customer we have worked with. We aim to prevent disruptions caused by technology to keep your day to day operations running smoothly.

  • Customer centric
  • Average resolution time is 24 minutes
  • Fast response rate
  • Very personalized and customized as per customer needs

What Inspired Onyx Cloud To Start?

We observed that a lot of growing businesses were lacking infrastructure and IT understanding/ knowledge. This lack of understanding was very detrimental because when a malfunction, cyber threat, or ransomware incident took place, there was no one site/ off-site to provide a solution. Depending on the incident, damage control is more expensive, and it has such a negative impact on the functionality of the business such as the reputation can getting tarnished, loss of money, loss of partners and so on. In fact, depending on the circumstance, the IT person that has been called to help ramify the situation may not be familiar with the infrastructure, so it would take them long to figure it out and then move into trying to solve the main problem.

Our vision is to guide growing businesses and help them understand the importance of having certain standardized IT policies in place, because in the long run when there is a malfunction, they will be able to deal with it in a very fast and efficient way with minimal downtime.

Can your business handle technical disruptions without a huge loss?

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