Microsoft Office 365

Enhance your businesses’ productivity with Microsoft Office 365

Powerful cloud-based application

We will help you implement, migrate, and manage your data


Microsoft Office 365 is a powerful cloud-based business application that can accelerate any business because it involves productivity tools, collaboration tools, cloud storage and enterprise-grade/ world class email.

When you purchase Microsoft Office 365 through us, we will implement the range of apps in a secure way which in turn gives your team access to your data/files from anywhere. We will also manage your Microsoft Office 365 and migrate your current management system into it.


  • Complete managed service that includes automatic updates, security patches, on-demand, and unlimited support.
  • Cloud-based applications and data storage are one of the safest ways to store your data in addition to being very cost effective.
  • Robust data security and controls to help you protect sensitive data and maintain compliance.
  • Anytime, anywhere access to files so users can complete tasks anywhere (access office applications on the web, even if they lost their computer and were on a new or library computer).
  • Integrated features that make it easier to schedule meetings, assign tasks, and update documents.



  • Standardized office application installation on all computers.
  • Advanced email features like shared mailboxes (all emails would be in one mailbox such as customer service queries, order desk, shipping team and so on).
  • We understand how important it is to have a reliable collaborating software these days due COVID-19. With everyone working from home, collaboration and communication with your team is more important than ever. We can help implement this seamless way of communication and include HD Video conferencing.
  • Data storage options. If you want your data accessed from anywhere, we can implement advanced SharePoint.

Here are some key features to Microsoft Office 365

Standardized office applications to the latest version

Advanced email features

Data storage options

Purchasing your Microsoft Office 365 licenses through us means that your growing business will have access to the following applications that will improve productivity and overall efficiency.

Exchange Online:

This application is crucial. Best for businesses that have a lot of employees that work remotely. It is integrated with secure cloud storage, premium Office applications in multiple devices (mobile, desktop).

One Drive:

This application is our favorite considering you can work from anywhere. This concept has never been more relevant and important as today. If your organization is fully remote (or has remote employees), multiple locations and a team that travels often, One Drive is an essential collaborating tool to access information/ data on the go.

OneDrive is cloud file storage, when a file is shared with someone (internal or external) it goes to SharePoint.


SharePoint allows for interdepartmental file drop boxes with focus on permission-based access level. For example, an HR folder can be shared with HR people but not with the sales department; this reduces reliance on servers and because it is cloud, no need to open ports on firewall which means no added risk. If this is a service that your business wants to explore, we can help with that. We have dedicated SharePoint consultants that are ready to answer any questions you may have. In addition, we can also provide a SharePoint consultation.


If you are a business located in Toronto, North York, Scarborough and/or GTA and are thinking of purchasing Microsoft Office 365 for your team, we can help you with process, journey, migration, and setup.


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