Computer Consultant

A fast, knowledgeable, and experienced consultant for all your computer needs

Onyx’s Computer Consultant provides procurement guidance, installation, and technical support for your working devices. We become your single point of contact for computer acquisitions, helping you get the most value out of everything from employee workstations to mobile phones and accessories.

Your dedicated consultant knows the unique needs and challenges of your business. We work closely with your users to design a computer system that integrates flawlessly into your current environment. If you encounter any issue, you’ll have a specialist on call to address them in a timely, efficient manner. We provide a service level agreement of 2 hours, meaning that when you need assistance, we will respond within 2 hours and start resolving the issue. No more wasted time and killed productivity waiting for a computer support guy to come around.

The benefits of our Computer Consultant services include:

  • Access to an array of hardware, software, and other technologies at the best prices available
  • A dedicated computer consultant who understands your needs and delivers solutions that meet them
  • Complete maintenance and fast support — we keep your equipment updated and in tip-top shape

Remote IT Support

24/7 support for all of your company’s technology, systems, and devices

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Managed IT Services

Round-the-clock management of your systems to ensure that your business always runs smoothly

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Disaster Recovery

Industry-leading backup and imaging solutions for lightning-fast restoration of your critical systems after a catastrophe

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