Four reasons why startups should consider hiring a Managed IT Solutions Provider

Four reasons why startups should consider hiring a Managed IT Solutions Provider



Information technology has changed the world as we know it in the past decade, and it is a crucial concept for every business to operate. There is a lot of stress, uncertainty, and urgent tasks surrounding early-stage organizations - all standard obstacles that a startup must successfully navigate to succeed long-term. At any phase of a startup business lifecycle, the need for reliable and powerful technology, streamlined tools, reduced expenses, and hard-working employees is necessary. Things like network, software tools, and applications allow businesses to manage customers, clients, and accounts. In addition, IT has changed the way we communicate as well as the way we connect. For businesses to stay competitive, they need to have basic IT software, systems, and solutions. Here are four reasons why an IT service provider reaps huge benefits for startups.

1. Creating more value for your business

Focusing your efforts and energy more on improving your products or service offerings, building successful marketing campaigns, and other types of startup activities that will drive your overall value is always a good move. By leaning more into your business and customers and worrying less about your IT infrastructure and data security, you'll create more value for your startup that investors will notice. Start ups need to be more efficient when it comes to storing, collecting, and analyzing the data that comes in especially from their target market. An IT company will understand your business and what it wants to do for the future, only then will it recommend the right platforms for things like email and what to host your website on, to streamline your processes.

2. Introducing the concept of IT agility

An agile IT environment provides you with the needed efficiency to grow and scale your IT infrastructure as your business does, capturing more opportunity and making it easier to continue to scale upwards. When startups adopt an IT agile environment, it means that your outsourced IT company will take care of everything! The most important is the time to value and how long your ticket will be solved when there is an IT related issue. While it is easy to see why minimizing the time to get an issue fixed may be important to organizations, it turns out that the best way to make this happen is through the IT systems that an IT provider can implement. Other benefits that an IT managed service provider may do is to shorten development cycle times by adopting rapid application development methods.

Another major benefit is that IT companies will design a customized solutions around customer experiences and business operation. This practice ensures that the client’s voice is heard loud and clear, and steps can be made during development to make changes and improvements. As such, without the right IT platforms, systems, and applications, it can be more challenging to grow and scale a startup to the next level.

3. Protecting against data and security threats

Your business and customer data are subjected to cyber threats daily; sometimes the only thing that stands in between your information and a hacker is a powerful firewall. An outsourced IT services provider knows the most reliable, secure solutions -- including applications and software -- needed to recover a potential data breach and keep your data secure.

One of the first solutions that at managed IT provider will implement is a cybersecurity protection strategy that focuses on preventing physical access to sensitive data and rendering that data useless if it falls into the wrong hands. Companies can achieve the latter by always encrypting their data. After encryption, backing up all data is another keyway of protecting yourself from security breaches. With ransomware hackers locking companies out of their systems, encrypting their data, and asking for a ransom to be paid before releasing the data, you can stay one step ahead with effective data management and storage.

4. Receiving technical expertise and 24/7 monitoring

While startups are skilled at finding new solutions and keeping things scrappy, your IT environment is one area that should always receive special attention. Utilizing a managed IT service is the best way to get the breadth and depth of IT knowledge needed to locate, analyze, implement, and monitor every tool in use, as well as better understand your IT environment. Other aspects IT experts can help your businesses core operations is to improve quality control, programs that help facilitate planning and more.

Startups should consider in investing in IT companies, because incase of a system crash or major network malfunction, their IT service provider can assist and help defuse the situation as much as possible.


Startups have so many things to consider when it comes to operating a successful business. Without IT, it would be impossible for business to expand and scale their business to the next level. Hiring an IT Managed service provider to take care of their IT needs will paves the path for business owners to focus on strategy and acquisition of more business opportunities. Learn more by getting in touch with our team for a free consultation.