4 IT Solutions Start-ups Should Think About Implementing

4 IT Solutions Start-ups Should Think About Implementing



In certain circumstances, lack of the right technology can cause a start-up to stay in that start-up phase. Before venturing off, you should always consider the type of IT infrastructure you want your business to run on. This component is essential, because as your company begins to grow, it wants its growth to be easily handled by the IT system and network that was initially implemented at the very begging. One way to understand which systems, applications and so on are suitable for your company is to hire a reliable Managed IT Service provider. Keep reading if you want to know more about the top 4 IT solutions to consider.

1. Steady IT network connectivity

There is nothing worse for a start-up than losing network connectivity or having the necessary technical infrastructure to operate successfully. There will always be unexpected events and crisis that will occur; however, it is essential that when these things happen, your business is prepared for them. As such if a business can quickly adapt and move passed them, it will be gearing towards the path of growth and stability with minimal downtime. The right IT Managed Partner will help set this up from the very beginning in the correct way. It is crucial that whoever you hire as an IT Partner that they understand your business model.

2. The implementation of software and cloud services from the beginning

In a start-up setting, it is important to choose tools that will be easy to use for your team. You want to ensure that any sort of future software is easily integrated with current systems or else it can be expensive and difficult to make it happen. Microsoft 365 is a great option for smaller startups because many people are familiar with it.

Integrated information systems that share data across your devices and network can make collaboration seamless. For example, sales information can be configured to automatically flow into your accounting system, enabling all employees to have access to up-to-date information.

Ensure your systems are compatible with your customers and suppliers. For example, you might want to produce files that they can use or be able to link your systems online. Other things to consider is Voice over IP (VoIP) telephone systems using the internet can be more flexible and cost-effective than traditional fixed-line phone systems. There is so much to think about when it comes to launching a start-up, that is why having an IT Manager Partner would be essential.

3. IT Security

One of the most important things to consider is the safety of your data. With ransomware and cyber security attacks increasing daily for organizations of all sizes, it is essential to have the best security systems in place that prevents these attacks from compromising your network and data. The right IT partner will help design your infrastructure with security in mind. They will consider:

  • Training your team how to create strong passwords so it is difficult for outsiders to get in
  • Control access to certain files where only the relevant people have full access to certain files
  • Implement firewalls and ensure that your data is backed up frequently to the cloud
  • Use encryption to protect data that is stored on mobile devices or is being transmitted wirelessly or over the internet.

At a minimum, every company must establish data security policies that include guidelines for file sharing. Cyber-criminals target small businesses because many of them do not pay attention to these issues or fail to allocate adequate resources to address them. It is a good idea to take the time to understand the business’ value and give it the proper protections because that is what cyber criminals target. A company should identify the critical assets of its business and be clear about where they are stored, whether they are encrypted, and who has the keys.

Finally, any startup will benefit from minimizing the amount of protected information in their possession. Startups should not collect protected information from customers and employees unless they truly need it for operations. Similarly, information that is no longer needed must be destroyed. You can’t breach if it doesn’t exist.

4. Remote IT support

Setting up a startup requires significant energy and attention. You’ve carefully selected your initial team of employees whom you trust to hit the ground running immediately. Whether they’re involved in sales, marketing, or branding, they need to concentrate on implementing strategies and following through with their tasks at hand. They need to be capturing the attention of customers, not attending to internet connections. They should be developing campaigns to educate leads on your brand, not trying to figure out what cloud service provider would most suit your needs. When you utilize an IT support company’s service, you enable your staff to do the jobs you hired them to do. It’s true that you could hire your very own full-time IT specialist but doing so is costly and certainly not the most cost-efficient solution for a business with limited funds which is a why a remote IT Service company is more cost effective. Because IT providers service many different businesses, they can afford to employ the best experts and offer their services at a lower rate.


When building your start-up from the ground up, all the above mentioned are a few key aspects that will help drive your business forward. Because technology will be integral to your workflow, steady IT network stability and IT security is probably the most essential.

When setting up your business, you’ll want to be sure to use your resources as effectively as possible; that’s why hiring a Managed IT Partner from the beginning will take away a significant amount of stress.