6 reasons why businesses should consider adopting IaaS Infrastructure

6 reasons why businesses should consider adopting IaaS Infrastructure


Most people do not know the acronym IaaS which stands for infrastructure as a service. Essentially, this means that this is a type of service that offers networking, storage and computer resources on demand that is pay as you go for businesses of all sizes.

One of the biggest benefits to IaaS is that it helps save money on hardware costs and reduces overall maintenance of on-premises data centers. IaaS will also give a business the flexibility to scale their IT resources up or down depending on demand. The benefits of IaaS are endless, which is why we have come up with 6 reasons why every business should consider adopting this enhanced way of running their IT.

1. Minimizes and reduces cost and capital expenditure

When a company adopts IaaS, the cost of configuring and managing a physical data center would be minimized. In addition, the pay-as-you go subscription models used by IaaS will help reduce the overall hardware costs and regular maintenance. In turn, companies do not spend money on ensuring their network and hardware are working and in good condition. They also do not pay a monthly or yearly set up fee, rather they would only pay for the employees that are using the service. By having IaaS, companies do not have to worry about maintaining hardware and network equipment, ensuring uptime, and replacing old equipment. This is a huge advantage for smaller companies because they can use that money, they are saving on hardware maintenance and invest it in another business initiative.

2.You become more flexible and scalable

IaaS allows organizations to easily scale up or down based on their requirements and demands, which is another great benefit. The flexibility to scale, allows companies to respond to change when a company is expanding or decreasing in size. Moreover, incase of a natural disaster, IaaS will not be affected if the internet or if hardware fails. Employees can easily access the latest tools easily and can adapt to market conditions quickly without a large overhead. In return, employees will have the right tools to do their jobs efficiently. In fact, with many companies adopting the concept of work from home, more talent will also be more interested in working for a company that has these systems in place. The ability to share information and in real-time from anywhere in the world, makes it possible for businesses to cut cost on a physical office which ultimately leads to one less expense.

3.Increases performance of IT workloads for employees

IaaS allows a company to expand globally, which improves the way that IT is delivered to your employees anywhere in the world. This then improves productivity and performance for employees by facilitating collaboration and adapting to market conditions. In addition, some larger organizations have started to ask new employees to Bring Their Own Device, giving them the ability to access cloud-based apps and services whether at home or on the go. Most cloud applications, especially IaaS, relieve the IT resources in house from daily maintenance, so they can focus on more other important initiatives.

4.Minimizes downtime caused by security breaches

With the right cloud service provider such as IaaS, one of the main features to look out for is reliability. This concept is critical because if this system were to go down, the following safety needs should be implemented: automatic failure, services, security systems and backup storage. These safety features provided by IaaS providers like Azure lower the chances of the cloud provider, and ultimately you, experiencing downtime. Choosing the right IaaS provider is essential, and it should be well thought out because incase there is ever an issue with that server, you want to ensure that there is a dedicated team that will be working on fixing the issue instantly or else, it can cause downtime for your business. Consider getting a Managed IT Service provider to help you understand which choice is the best for your business.

5.Easily integrates with your existing IT systems

These days, most cloud computing platforms are designed to easily integrate with other software applications. This means that it is easier for employees to switch between tools without having to manually keep transferring information from one place to another. The cloud offers controlled access, strong perimeters, and surveillance systems to ensure the safety of your data. On top of this, you get top cyber security expertise that ensures thorough and frequent audits, to continually make the security system stronger. With the prevalence of cyber-attacks on the rise, it is no longer wise to have only one copy of your data, let alone to keep that copy on premises. The cloud works to ensure the security of your business-critical data, even in the event of a cyber or ransomware attack.

6.Faster recovery speed

One of the biggest advantages of IaaS is that you can access your data from anywhere, anytime in any place, but, with a low latency network you can recover fast. In the event of a disaster, these latency speeds are significant when your system needs to be rebooted and come back online. Every minute your system is down, it is causing more delays and financial loss. IaaS like Microsoft Azure, make it easier to define and predict recovery time objectives (RTO) giving a business more control over their downtime. IaaS helps with disaster recovery in case of a disaster which reduces cost and continues to maintain the functionality of the business with minimal downtime. As such, companies can access their documents, emails, webservers and more in an efficient and effective way.


IaaS allows businesses to utilize the cloud to get the most out of their IT. Now that you have a better comprehension of IaaS, it is important to know which provider to choose from. When selecting, ensure that the company offers things like cloud application services, managed cloud services and infrastructure management. Interested in learning more about IaaS, get in touch with us for a free consultation.